June 4, 2018 – Troll Dies After Killing 2 Local Guard Militia Members On Nearby Mountain

A Troll has killed two (2) local Guards, of the Southeast New Festival Cove Tower Guard Militia, after maintaining a lengthy fight on the mountain.  Ultimately, the Troll was killed, after reinforcements arrived.

“He (the Troll) had an elevation advantage.  I am in shock!”, reported one of the Guards, after witnessing his brother’s death.

“We are deeply saddened upon hearing this news, but battle protocol must always be maintained.”, reported Guard Militia Leader, “Vooch”.

After reviewing https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Fighting_Skill_Tips , we can examine (post hoc and, in this case, post mortem) why these two Guards died almost at the same time:

Height Advantage. The tank should always get a height advantage over the enemy. There are two levels of height advantage: one is obtained at 20 steep and the second is obtained at 40+ steep. Note: This is the same advantage you get when using mounts, so using both will not give you any more benefits.”

Our condolences go out to the family members of the Southeast New Festival Cove Tower Guard, and all those involved.

March 17-19 Dead Settlement Hunt

i’ve learned a lot about some players in our alliance.

I would like to thank my friend @Goddessotu for steering the ship tonight.

We went through the SW shore into  the Port Kincaid area, looking for treasure, and I came back full-handed, with hearts, fats, and something i forgot.  Sorry!

“Fat Farm” Renamed To “Leftover Ranch”

We’re renaming “Fat Farm” to “Leftover Ranch” per a suggestion from @Dorian .

And, we’re going to give out these animals to citizens, alliance members, or anyone on the Independence server, based upon need.

Here’s the latest pic with all the fencing finished:

March 9-12: We’re Making Great Progress on the Ledge at New Festival Cove


We’re making great progress on the Ledge project!  This is a project, where we dig away A LOT of dirt to give a spectacular view to citizens living at the top.  We also want to make it easy to forage and botanize while walking the cobblestone road.

We’ve added a couple more side projects where we’re taking the dirt from the Ledges and dropping it in the community area pools to expand the roads, so we can move around more easily.

Our plan this upcoming weekend is to continue: 


Major Improvements At The Grain Farm (aka Scythe Field)

Citizens of New Festival Cove have free access to Farm (with a Rake) and Harvest (with a Scythe), at our grain farm.

As you may know, only four (4) items, are harvest-able with a Scythe:

  • Barley
  • Oat
  • Rye
  • Wheat

Citizens of New Festival Cove also have free access to our regular farm, which has things such as cotton, vegetables, and wemp.

Fat Farm

March 13, 2018 Update:  We’re renaming “Fat Farm” to “Leftover Ranch” per a suggestion from @Dorian .


We are unsure what to call this secondary stable holding area.

Currently, it’s called “Fat Farm”, as this particular stable is being used to house excess animals that are no longer part of our breeding program.

Because we don’t need these animals, we could fatten them up and slaughter them later.  Or, we can give them to citizens, alliance members, or anyone on the Independence server, based upon need.

I would like some ideas on a better name.  We’re using “Fat Farm”, but should “Slaughterhouse” be a better name?  Both sound awful.  We would appreciate if you can suggest a better name here.