Coastal Village


After waiting many months, we expanded New Festival Cove to the North.

Back when we started, our vision for New Festival Cove remains:

(1)  Let’s rebuild Festival Cove into its former glory!  While we were not there during the glory days, we chose the name “New Festival Cove”, and we truly want to earn the glory, by recreating something special here…. which now turned into:

(a)  Learning about the past great history, interviewing players, and starting up new friendships;

(b)  Four 7x7x(unknown height) impalong buildings for the project.   We’re planning on this being a spectacular structure, but we shall see as there’s quite a few obstacles, combinations, ideas, rights, and wrongs we’re learning.  We’ve learned mistakes (destroyed and rebuilt) anew.  We always love your input!

(c)  A Haunted House project that aligns with the Mayor Vooch’s vision.  It also serves as a timestamp on when our impalong, if ever, would occur – probably, the last week in October.

(d)  Another Inn on the premises that is closer to the imping buildings.

Current plans are to take over the Fx-named stables, located just East of the current New Festival Cove Inn, since we’re gonna need a bigger Inn!  If we’re ever close to running out of space at the current location, we’ll have to build “Another Inn” at our Coastal Village area.

(e)  Random Forestry Based on Need:  sometimes we need Camelia Bushes for hedges, Lemon Trees for a project, Apple Trees for a project, or just Oak Trees for the smiley faces 🙂  We’re quite random on this.


On the coast of New Festival Cove, we’re going to build a Coastal Village where citizens can live.


  1. Wait for walls to decay or destroy structures.
  2. Put in roads.
  3. Setup an assign lots where people can build.