Just wanted to give an update on this page:

The area looks incredible from its former past.  Only onward and upward to go!

Priority:  Medium


We need to improve the New Festival Cove Mines as they are in disrepair and part of it is ready to collapse.


  1. We need to raise the ceiling in areas where it looks like it will collapse.
  2. This area needs to be reinforced with support beams.  This is especially along the inner side of the mountain where mining the wall is prohibited.
  3. We need to add more Iron Lamp so it’s very easy to see inside.
  4. After a wall is reinforced, we want to apply a Marble Wall to lighten up the place.
  5. The floor needs to be reinforced so we can walk through with a cart easily.

NOTE:  @Thekraken said that low ceiling does not imply it would collapse, so maybe we do not need to do this project.

Priority:  High