Citizen Rules

Citizens are free to botanize and forage the entire NFC deed if they wish!

The NFC deed size is one of the largest in the game: The size of New Festival Cove is 135 by 93. We do not think this will change anytime soon. Citizens are not required to pay upkeep to the deed.

NFC has a Tree/Fruit Conversation Project, wherein you must have a sprout that you can replant after you cut down a tree/fruit. If you’re cutting trees, or fruits, it will be obvious in the area, as all trees/fruits will be of the same type, so if you cut one down, please replant it, with another of the same type.

All large carts must have “Manage Item” permissions assigned to the Mayor in case the player leaves for an extended period of time.

The Mayor is the only person allowed to Secure items on the deed. The reason for this is in case someone quits the game.

Iron Lamps must be greater than 50 QL before they can be given to the Mayor to Plant/Place on the deed.

If you need access to pass a gate in order to use the Community Farm or anything else, ask the Mayor.

If you plan to leave the deed, please notify the Mayor. Timeframe is not as important as letting the Mayor know that you will be leaving at a future date. The Mayor will help you work out a successful exit plan, so it’s a win-win for both parties.

All horses on the deed must have “Manage Item” assigned to the Mayor, including yourself.