We still honor and worship @Willow the player, here and Willow trees.  🙂


Festival Cove

New Festival Cove is a rebirth of the Festival Cove area that was very popular in 2012.  Festival Cove was so popular once that it was the location of Impalong 2012 – an annual event where players come together from all servers to hang out in one location for a week.

Festival Cove was also the location of a famous player who went by the name of Willow.  She was the first person in the game to GM Leatherworking at 100.00, and she did it on March 5, 2015.  We continue to honor Willow by keeping the Willow tree and her marker in the center of town:

New Festival Cove

While Vooch, the current Mayor of New Festival Cove, didn’t start playing Wurm Online until December 2017, his mission is to rebuild the area back to its former glory.  One way we can do that is with your help!  Come join us and let’s recreate greatness!