Citizen Home Building Areas

UPDATE: September 2019

We’ve expanded many building areas for new citizens, including this beautiful view of the water.


We’ve expanded the area where new citizens can build.


There are many places (old and new) upon which to build your own home within New Festival Cove.

I would like to address some issues that arose in the past.  For example, the “North of the West Coast Highway (3 spots)” area was built by me and some players around the time I first began Wurm Online.

Unfortunately, they’ve quit the game and after over 6 months of waiting, we have our new policy, which is:

“If you need to take a break from Wurm Online because of real life circumstances, we understand that.  All we ask is, please let me, @Vooch , know if you are going to be absent from Wurm Online for more than 90 days.  Unfortunately, if you don’t give notification, your home is subject to eviction.  We were forced to evict a couple homes after being away six months.  We can’t afford to wait that long, so we had to change policy.” – Vooch

Thank you for understanding!


Where Do I Build My Awesome Home?

These are the areas where New Festival Cove citizens can build their homes (more to come, so feel free to walk around, and ask if you find an undiscovered area you like):

  • North of the West Coast Highway (3 spots)

  • Olive Garden and across from it (to be named)

  • Across from Olive Garden

  • East of Chessboard

  • Coastal Housing (coming soon)