Inn (aka New Festival Cove Inn)


Over the past year, we’ve added a 3rd floor due to new citizens and visitors using the inn.  We have 8 rooms left, so we will be working this year, and possibly next, to build a 4th floor!


Our objective from February 2018 is complete.  Since then, the area has been increased by 600%.  We’re wider, longer, and higher (2nd floor is just about finished).

We’ve also grown that we’re now accepting new citizens to join/consider us by accepting a room on the second floor for at least a week.  That’ll give you a week or more to decide whether you love or hate us.  #thismustbelove

Also, after learning from @virusmd ‘s recent Friend-A-Long event, we’ve built accommodations for each new visitor in that style.

Each floor also has amenities:

  • First floor:  food
  • Second floor:  drink
  • Third floor (aka 2nd floor roof):  sparring area (temporarily)

More information and updates to follow.


@Julesgoldberg is setting up an inn (boarding house) to give new citizens a place to sleep while they build their first home.


  1. We need to figure out the permissions system and what, if any, limitations there are (eg. limited to citizens only?, limited to alliance members only?, etc.)  We’d prefer for it to be available to everyone.
  2. Once established, we need to expand the size of it.