How to get to New Festival Cove

If you’re starting at the Tutorial, be sure to choose the PvE (Freedom Isles) servers instead of the PvP (Epic) group of servers.   From there, choose the Independence server.

After that, choose “Freedom Market” and start heading South.  When you get to the bottom of the road where the Freedom Docks is located, turn left so you are heading East.  You will go through the beautiful town of Dobra.  Then, you will see the Festival Cove Road Tunnel.  Go through the mine and at the end, you will see New Festival Cove.

This video will take you from the Tutorial to New Festival Cove:

On the in-game map, New Festival Cove is located at O16 on the Independence map of the Freedom Isles servers.

If you love a detailed map, use the Albia Maps.  New Festival Cove is located at 30x 44y.