Stables (Main)



This is the original stable area when New Festival Cove was starting to be built.

Over the past six months, pigs were added into these stables along with a few horse colors (black, white, and grey).

Bulls, cows, ram, and sheep were removed and relocated to a different area in the village.

We got rid of the 26 stable idea mentioned in February 2016.  Unsure how many stables we have today, but it might be 10x that amount !!


It’s More Than Just A Glue Factory

Our town has stables its citizens can use for Animal Husbandry.

If you need access to a stable, contact Vooch to get a Gate Key.  We have 26 pens at this location, so each pen is labeled from A-Z.    🙂

Our Animal Husbandry strategy goes like something we’ve read on the forum:

(1)   We have a Primary Male (eg. Bull) that does all the female cow impregnation.

(2)  We have a Secondary Male (eg. 2nd bull) that does nothing.  He’s just a backup in case the primary dies.

(3)  Once a female cow gives birth…

  • if it’s a female newborn, keep repeating the breeding process.
  • if it’s a male newborn, somebody needs to die…. either kill the mother or kill the male newborn based on the whichever gender has the most supply.

I’m not sure if this avoids inbreeding, but the strategy sounds like it will work, so we will try it out!  If you think otherwise, let Vooch know.

@Goddessotu donates 3 horses

@Goddessotu of Balmore Harbor donated three horses to our stables.