Imp Road


While we have learned and cherish how great Impalong 2012 was for Festival Cove, we also understand that player demands have changed.

Henceforth, we are going to discontinue this “Imp Road” project and, instead, create four 7 x 7 x (Unknown Height) buildings, for a future unannounced Impalong date.  We are planning something spectacular!

If you are interested in contributing 70+ QL materials for our project, please send a PM to Vooch in-game, or on the forum (same nickname).

Vooch knows for sure, we’ll need a lot of 70+ QL materials, but he also understands there’s many months before we’ll be ready to launch a proper Impalong.

*This is a screenshot of my friend Thicket after he killed 300 <insert your favorite monster here>.

We’re moving this particular project to “completed” and will start the aforementioned project soon!

BACK IN 2012

Back in 2012, this was an area for imping products:

We want to recreate this setup, so if you’re standing at the Lighthouse looking to the West, we want to rebuild this area that is now “stone slab” flat.