Tronn redoes an NFC Cave Mine Entrance to allow a “Pirates of the Caribbean” boat ride project to begin

“For years, I’ve been trying to figure out how to allow visitors to jump into a boat and sail into the NFC mine and go on a boat ride where they could see something and listen to a tour, much like the NFC Haunted House.”, says Mayor Vooch, the founder of the New Festival Cove settlement, after the original settlement known as Festival Cove was abandoned.

Vooch continues, “Well my friends, this day is here! My friend Tronn showed up and cast a series of spells: Strongwall, Disiengrate, Strongwall, and maybe a few other spells. The end result was, he recreated an entrance into a NFC mine that allows boats to sail through it. Rejoice!”

Vooch says, “I was shocked. When I first arrived at the old Festival Cove area, this particular entrance was barricaded by wooden barriers and a locked, decaying door that prevented people from even entering the mine. I am glad that day is gone!”