Hay There! How To Turn Grass Into Hay !!!

In this post, I’m going to show you how to turn grass into Hay.

Activate (double left-click) a Scythe, and use (right-click) it on a grass tile that has a longer-growth rate than short (eg. medium, tall, wild), and left-click on “Cut Grass”. When you mouseover the tile, you will get: “Cut Grass (Hay, wet, untedded).”

After you cut the grass with a Scythe, you’ll see a bunch of random grasses around a tile… That’s OK… just leave it like that and wait.

After you cut the grass, it will say something like (Hay, wet, untedded) or (Hay, damp, untedded). If you see an “untedded” tile, activate (double left-click) a Pitchfork, and right-click the tile and Farm it.

For those without a Pitchfork, create a pitchfork fork (small anvil and hot iron lump) and combine it with a Shaft (carving knife on a log), in order to make a Pitchfork.

This is what you will see after you tend a farm using a Pitchfork. Instead of random clumps, you will see Hay forming into straight lines.

If the tile says, “(hay, damp, untedded)”, you must use a rake, to ted it.

Activate a Sickle or Scythe, and Harvest the tile when it says, “(Hay, dried, untedded)”.

Kudos to: Lianya and Thicket for helping me make this post happen! We simply try things out, and we try to make things work!