Animal Vending

Pen 13 will be relocated to our Haunted House, while Pen 15 will always contain a male horse!

We’re having quite a lot of fun designing our first animal vending area at New Festival Cove! We’re not sure when we’ll be ready to sell animals, but we’ve decided that Pen 13 should probably not be used. We don’t want to unleash bad luck onto an unsuspecting customer – it’s the same reason hotel operators don’t have the 13th floor on their elevators.

Instead, we’ve decided that Pen 13 should be put inside our Haunted House. We’ll put that one on the TODO list. 🙂

Alliance members recommended I remove “Pen 15”…. I admit, it took me a minute to grasp that penis joke… HAHAHA, but I say we just keep a male animal there for sale all the time!

We’re not out to make a killing on this animal vending endeavor. Animals will be sold for a very nominal fee. We just need a way to continue breeding and maintaining younger animals through the system. It always sucks when one takes a break, and ends up having 1 horse gender and missing the other in order to breed it easily. So, by raising our stable/pen numbers, hopefully, this fixes this. BOTTOM LINE: Players taking extended breaks can get back by acquiring animals and 5+ speed horses cheaply.

We will continue and upgrade our Village Policy of free high-performance animals to Village (same policy) and Alliance members (I’m upgrading the unwritten policy to a formal one, as written herein). We are in the Azure Alliance. The capital is Llama City. The alliance consists of: Athas, Athas Farm Annex, Athas South, Azure, Azure Shores, Baycity, Bears And Wolves, Bela Areo, Blaue Trauben, Blue Water Landing, Bram Sky, Catspaw Keep, Dragon’s Landing, Fallen Oaks, Ghost Town, Gokstad, Golden Pearls Vineyard, Haven Market Docks, Hejme For De Hejmo, Iceland, Indigo Forest, Lianya’s Garden, Llama City, Llama Port, Llamas By The Sea, Lochall, Lothlorien Meadows, New Festival Cove, Oceania Terraces At Fairview, Pcg Freedom Village, Pest Harbour, Pli Kaj Pli, Plymouth Harbor, Port Alliance, Ravenhold, Salem, Samling Pass, Sherwood and Terrapin Station.

We also have a free animal policy to Everyone that wants an animal from “Leftover Ranch“. These are less-than-desireable animals, but everyone needs a friend, and it would be nice if all of these animals would find a home. 🙂 Contact Mayor Vooch if you would like one or more of these animals.

New Festival Cove is located at O16 on the in-game Independence map.

Stay safe, and thirsty, my friends!
– Mayor Vooch