2021 Vision for New Festival Cove

In 2021, one of our goals was to continue the strategy of flattening our village’s footprint since that is the number one reason long-term players did not enjoy this former area.

In order to accomplish this, we’ve started removing all leftover unnecessary routes (example: dead-end routes) towards our coast line and near our perimeter. We’re doing this in order to provide a better player experience.

As of tonight, we’re going to start enforcing new building restrictions for citizens wishing to live here at New Festival Cove – while it sounds naughty, it’s actually quite nice. The photo shown below shows the strategy.

If perhaps, you live in one of these areas, feel free to contact Mayor Vooch, as he may be able to relocate you to a better location!

“Over half the routes coming down into our village were never used – we’ve eliminated these “dead-end” routes earlier today. I believe we can funnel the rest of the routes into a few, and from there, they can be rerouted, perhaps, to use the same measures as it takes to get up GuruBear’s Crater, as in, via the Zig Zag method. As far as I’m concerned this is a non-issue, and it will be an even better result for those who choose to move.”, said Mayor Vooch.

“As far as our village is concerned, in Phase 1, we have 2 citizens affected by the 2021 Vision,, and fortunately both have been inactive. In Phase 2, we have 0 villagers affected.”, said Mayor Vooch.

Mayor Vooch continued, “This is a non-event for current players, basically. Our goal is working towards a better player experience for everyone in Wurm. I hope you all will visit us some day.”