Transmutating 7 Clay Tiles Into Dirt In Order To Build A Better Road System

We’ve spent this week digging Zinc for a couple days, then began transmutating 7 Clay Tiles into Dirt in order to build a better road system within NFC.

It takes a lot of Zinc and a lot of Lemons in order to make this happen. A big Thank You goes to Thicket for planting so many Lemon Trees around NFC so we could build a nice supply of Lemons for occassions like this.

Led Zeppelin comes to mind…

When we got down to the end, with low resources, Vooch and Julesgoldberg drank water to the max, ate food to the max, sacrificed rocks at an altar, prayed at an altar, and did some meditation on a meditation rug. We returned to the site, and were pleasantly surprised that the last tile got completed before we ran out of resources!