Dock Project

UPDATE: November 29, 2019

The Northwestern portion of the New Festival Cove Docks Project was completed earlier today. Tens of thousands of dirt and sand were used to level this area.

Incredible Kudos goes to Thicket and Lorptahs for helping to make this a reality!

This is the v2 plan for creating docks at New Festival Cove. The first plan had an error, but we’ve corrected it in this rendition.

UPDATE: November 14, 2019
On November 14, 2019, Thicket and Vooch decided that our v3 (version three) for creating docks at New Festival Cove will be to remove 4 tiles from each of the docks at Northernmost border. We’re doing this to prevent large ships from decaying if they parked on the tip of one of the Northernmost docks. The v3 design will also improve safety by reducing the footprint. Vooch will upload the v3 design (currently, the v2 design is the pic above) at a future date.

New Festival Cove is embarking on an enormous project: creating docks in very deep water.

Creating a project like this requires a very, very large number of dirt and sand. We prefer sand because it can prevent marsh tiles from appearing in the water.

Marsh tiles require wooden floor boards to be placed upon them before any subsequent leveling can occur, so it’s best to drop sand in the water while expanding the dock area.

As you can see in the picture above, we’ve penciled in the areas where docks should appear in the game.