Stone Slabs versus Marble Bricks versus Trees versus etcetera


We decided to use Stone Slabs as they look great!

Thank you everyone for your input to help us make the right decision.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

The citizens of New Festival Cove on the Independence are looking for your opinion on whether to use Stone Slabs (on the left side of the picture), Marble Bricks (on the right side of the picture), Trees, or some other material on a very steep slope.

We haven’t been able to acquire black slate yet, so keep that in mind while voting.

Our current thought is either Stone Slabs, Marble Bricks, or Trees.  However, your opinion could help sway us.

By using Trees, they can be easily¬† cut down as you go up the road from the Mayor’s Home to the Stables, replanted, and give way to more growth of the same trees.

Other thoughts are that huge slopes create a great consistent view along a road or view, and therefore should be slabbed/bricked up with something, so no one can do anything with them.

What are your thoughts?

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