Leather Faceless Mask Donation

Tonight, a leather faceless mask was donated to the NFC Haunted House by Shenjiwurm.

Vooch, the current owner of the New Festival Cove and Haunted House property, was told stories about how putting on the mask could bring permanent face erasure. “Perhaps, it advantageous to players that like to engage in Player versus Player (PvP), but I think not, especially if my brain was gone from wearing it. The only way, I would really know, is by wearing said device.”, said Vooch.

The recipient of the device declined to even consider putting on the mask for fear of what it could bring, and because of that, it sits in the museum area of the NFC Haunted House… waiting… and wanting… for someone to wear it.

Thicket donates rare skeleton to the Haunted House

Tonight, we received a rare Sigvard skeleton corpse from Thicket.

Thicket, as you may know, is/has been a long-time resident of “New Festival Cove” on the Independence shard, and yet spends an ample amount of time on Xanadu helping other players survive and thrive.

The skeleton remains were place inside the New Festival Cove Haunted House at the Catacombs area in order to bring the skeleton to peace. However, it’s wavering face and/or hands have shaken several residents to, in their words… RUN AWAY!!!

Beware… he speaks to you and moves! Not Thicket, the skeleton!!!

Archaeology at New Festival Cove

Lately, I’ve been doing Archaeology. I’ve found 16 abandoned settlements so far. They are:

1) Asgard Harbor
2) Candyland
3) Clearview Gardens
4) Dragon’s Lair
5) Festival Cove
6) Festival Games
7) Four Winds Farm
8) Greenborough
9) Grim
10) North Wind
11) Prima Casa
12) Prima Casa Farms
13) Seaview Harbour
14) Silvertoken Estates
15) The Haunt
16) Windy Knoll Farm

Please contact Vooch if you have any information about these old settlements.

4 White Horses SOLD

A player named Joschua has become the first player to purchase horses at New Festival Cove’s animal selling area!

After buying the horses, he forgot to return the copper keys, but he later returned the copper keys without us even knowing who the initial buyer was. We later found out Joschua was the buyer after meeting him in Local chat.

We sincerely appreciate Joschua buying some horses and returning the copper keys!

Congratulations, Joschua!