How To Make Pizza in Wurm Online

We will be tweaking this recipe to make it more user-friendly, but this is our fourth attempt so far:


(1)   Move one (1) cereal (barley, rye, oat, or wheat) into your inventory.  We’ll call this [YourCereal].
(2)  Activate a grindstone (by double-left clicking it) and grind that item into flour, by right clicking the [YourCereal] and left-clicking on Create->Food->[[YourCereal] flour].
(3)  Activate at least 0.3 weight of water from anywhere, by left-clicking on Water.  (No need for a measuring cup).  Right-click the flour and Create->Food-[[YourCereal] dough].


(1)   Move Basil, Garlic, and Tomato into your inventory.
(2)  Activate a Knife and chop the Basil, Garlic, and Tomato into Chopped Basil, Chopped Garlic, and Chopped Tomato, respectively.
(3)  Take a Pottery Bowl out of the Oven, and drag the three (3) chopped ingredients in the Pottery Bowl.
(4)  Activate a Fork and right-click  the Pottery Bowl.  Left-click -> Create -> Passata.


(1)  Put Dough, Passata, and one (1) regular uncut meat into marble baking stone.
(2)  One (1) chopped veggie (a veggie chopped with a knife).
(3)  One (1) chopped herb (an herb chopped with a knife).
(4)  One (1) cheese
(5)  One (1) ground spice (a spice ground with a mortar & pestle)
(6)  One (1) raw fries (this is a potato butchered with a butcher knife)

OPTIONAL:  Add more uncut meat (and chopped veggies) to get more bonuses (on calories, carbs, fats, or proteins).

NOTE:  Right-click the baking stone, marble and left-click Lore…You might need to add more Passata to it, so repeat the Passata recipe above.  If it fails again, add more Passata, etc.  The more meat you add, the more Passata may be required.


(1)  Activate beeswax, by double-left clicking beeswax.
(2)  Right-click blank papyrus sheet.
(3)  Left-click wax.

(4)  Activate waxed papyrus sheet by, by double-left clicking waxed papyrus sheet.
(5)  Right click “full house pizza” and left-click on Wax.

Statue of Tich

[12:01:06] <Vooch> just saw a guard staring straight into the face of the statue of Tich
[12:01:40] <Cybersnake> didn’t screen it?
[12:01:51] <Vooch> i tried, but i think i missed. i’ll check.
[12:02:40] <Vooch> i missed it by a second or two
[12:03:14] <Vooch> by the time i took the pic, the guard was staring at me.
[12:05:50] <Cybersnake> whops
[12:07:16] <Vooch> i guess that makes it double spooky
[12:07:30] <Cybersnake> haha yes it does
[12:08:20] <Cybersnake> maybe it was tich herself checking things out and didnt like you spotting her
[12:08:46] <Vooch> yup

New Festival Cove is Recruiting New Citizens

Ready to jump aboard, mates?!

New Festival Cove is Recruiting New Citizens!

We have some very ambitious goals for 2019, including building an area for a possible future Impalong event, filling up a super-cool Haunted House with your ideas, and improving the town infrastructure (located in the “Current Projects” section of the website).

If  you desire to be part of a team that works together to build Big and Great things;  want to live in a safe, rent-free, tax-free, and upkeep-free environment; and/or play the game you want to play it, then consider the village of New Festival Cove on the Independence server.


I would love for all the signage within New Festival Cove to be very informative to a new visitor, so when they see this village for the first time, they can understand what is going on by reading the signs.

Current great examples are:  The large sign at the “Grain Farm” and the large sign at the “Aquatic Wildlife Center” **.

Both have useful information about what goes on in those areas.

We all need to continue improving the village by adding better signage throughout the village.

Instructional signage is very important, and if you make a sign, it improves your Fine Carpentry skill!

**shown above

Issues With Adding Dye to White Chess Board Pieces

We’ve run into issues with using Zinc and creating White Chessboard pieces.

If you look on the right, it’s a normal, untouched “statue of a boy”.

If you look to the left, it’s a “statue of a boy” with white dye added.

As far as I can tell, it’s darker on the left, than the original statue.

To me, this needs to be something fixed by the devs.

New Merchant at New Festival Cove


A new merchant has been added to New Festival Cove in the Southeastern corner of the village.

The super-fast mailbox is still on the left – a nice reminder of the past.

And, the Epic Portal is still in its original location for the PvPers out there.

Stone Slabs versus Marble Bricks versus Trees versus etcetera


We decided to use Stone Slabs as they look great!

Thank you everyone for your input to help us make the right decision.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

The citizens of New Festival Cove on the Independence are looking for your opinion on whether to use Stone Slabs (on the left side of the picture), Marble Bricks (on the right side of the picture), Trees, or some other material on a very steep slope.

We haven’t been able to acquire black slate yet, so keep that in mind while voting.

Our current thought is either Stone Slabs, Marble Bricks, or Trees.  However, your opinion could help sway us.

By using Trees, they can be easily  cut down as you go up the road from the Mayor’s Home to the Stables, replanted, and give way to more growth of the same trees.

Other thoughts are that huge slopes create a great consistent view along a road or view, and therefore should be slabbed/bricked up with something, so no one can do anything with them.

What are your thoughts?